Message from Mr. Imtiaz Bukhari, CEO

Many thanks for reading these lines. I am so grateful to the companies those who participated in Asian Wedding Exhibition London UK in the last few years and we welcome the companies wishing to partcipate in our upcoming events. My special thanks to Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries Lahore, TDAP Lahore, SMEDA Lahore, WBIC Lahore, Najeeba Bibi (BG's), Ainee, Maria B, Sainz Collection, Anila Iftikhar, Rizwan Moazzam, Mahira Imran, Mr. Liaqat Najmi, Mr. Raheem Banarsi, Mr. Bilala Sheikh of Elegance, Afzal Studios, Khawar Riaz, Moeen Jewelers, Riffat Jewelers, Hibas Exclusive, Mr. Syed Noor and so many others for helping us to promote our name in the fashion industry.

Being Pakistani it is my keen desire that I should play my role to strengthen the Pakistani economy. This is the right channel to introduce your craft/brand in the international market and if your brand becomes recognized then you can get a good value of your product. It is not only the exhibition you are taking part, but your participation can strengthen the trade ties between the two countries. So what are you waiting for, come and experience the value of your products.

Message from Mr. Yogesh Kanani, Managing Director AWE UK

My name is Yogesh Kanani the managing director of Asian Wedding Exhibitions London UK. The Asian Wedding Exhibition is now entering into 17th year of happening, we are enjoying the experience of the companies from Pakistan and India. We welcome the companies wishing to participate in AWE 09.

Message from Sumit Arya, Chairman DulhanExpo USA

Sumit Arya the Chairman of DulhanExpo USA welcome the companies wishing to participate in our grand expo. Kindly contact our representative in Pakistan M/S Lahore Pakistan.

Message from Syed Noor, Chairman Paragon Entertainment Group

I had the pleasure to visit AWE UK in 2008 and I was really honored being the guest of honor from Pakistan. The show was wonderful and I have no hesitation to say that this event is best of its kinds. Good Luck and AWE UK.

Message from Najeeba Bibi (BG's)

I heard the name of AWE since very long and I am very happy to say that this is the event of its own kind. We wish the management of Asian Wedding Exhibition London and Pakistan a great event in November 2009.

Message from Mahira Imran, Designer, Karachi

I am proud to say that myself was a part of the AWE09 Catwalk and Exhibition happened in the month of January 2009. We had a great time and successful event and now we are very much interested to be a participant in the next event of AWE scheduled in the month of November 09. Thank you AWE London and Pakistan for managing a great show.

Message from Mr. S.M. Bilal Ahmad, CEO Elegance

We decided in a go to participate in the exhibition named Asian Wedding Exhibition London. WOW! it was a wonderful experience to be there; the event was full of entertainment, skill and professionalism. We congratulate the whole team of AWE and for organizing such an event. Hope we will be part of the next event. Good luck for the upcoming event.

Message from Liaqat Najmi, Aashees Collections

Dear Mr. Imtiaz, thank you very much for introducing me to Asian Wedding Exhibition. It was a great pleasure to know about this exhibition. I feel that Pakistani companies those are manufacturing wedding dresses and wedding items must participate in this event for the promotion of their products. I am very much sure that these types of events will enhance their business and a handsome amount of revenue can be generated that will help to strengthen the reserves of Pakistan. Good Luck!